Magalnyk Band

The “Magalnyk Klezmer Band” 
was founded in 1993.


Band Members:

  Leonid Rothstein – Violin   

      Vadim Musnikov – Clarinet     

      Iliya Magalnyk – Accordion    

The Band’s repertoire includes Klezmer music, Yiddishkeit, French chansons, Classical, Balkan, Romani music, Jazz, and more.

The Band’s character stands out by its impressive performances, energetic and captivating presence, and Ilya’s original music and arrangements. The Band’s album,“Wandering Stars”, was received with much acclaim in the American press. The Band’s performances in festivals around Germany and Austria were recorded and broadcast by major radio stations in these countries. The Magalnyk Klezmer Band represented Israel in the Strasbourg Int’l Travel Agency Expo; Band members went on Israeli radio and TV shows (Odetta, Dudu Topaz, Radio Reka, GaleiZahal, and more). The Band took part in numerous festivals in Israel (Tzfat, Ra’anana) and abroad (Germany, Austria, USA, Poland, Russia, Belgium);

The musicians were also part in important national events, such as the Israel Award, the Literature Award and the Theater Award ceremonies, as well as the President’s Channukah celebration ceremony.

   Leonid Rothstein – Violin


Born in the Ukraine, a graduate of the Voronezh Music Academy, soloist for the Voronezh Symphonic Orchestra, director of the Voronezh Youth Band. In 1991 Leonid made Aliyah and took part in many different ensembles: “Clinica”, “Soul Strings” (with pianist Ina Narsasov), “Breeze” (light music band). Leonid played in shows for the Haifa theater, as well as radio and TV shows in Israel (“Shemesh”, Dudu Topaz, Odetta, KolHaMusica, GaleiTzahal and more).

Leonid has worked with many famous Israeli artists, such as EffiNetzer, Ilana Katz, Gila Hassid, Uzi Rosinblatt, Hannah Livneh, the Essner brothers, Gabbi Berlin).

Since 1993, Leonid has been the soloist for the MagalnykKlezmer Band. He participated in many festivals in Israel and abroad (the Klezmer festival, the Ladino Music festival, the Yiddish Music festival, and others).

   Vadim Musnikov – Clarinet, Saxophone

Born in the Ukraine, graduated with honors from the Tel Aviv University Music Academy.

Freelances for various bands and orchestras (the Ra’anana Orchestra, the Be’erSheva Orchestra); took part in several Gesher Theater productions (City, Die Dreigroschenoper, and the Cherry Garden). Since 2003, Vadim has been doing solos for the MagalnykKlezmer Band.

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