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Accordion artist, composer, arranger and producer. IlyaMagalnyk was born in Moldova, where he also got his education and started his career as a professional musician. In 1990 Ilya made Aliya and soon after became a prominent figure in the Israeli music world.


Accordion Artist

Ilya has performed with some of the best musicians in and outside of Israel: ShlomoGronich, Effie Netzer, Leonid Ptashka, Dan Almagor, TzvikaHaddar, Alex Anski, Chaya Samir, Elisha Sweigeils, Lev Jorbin and many others.

Ilya uses the accordion to combine different music styles, such as Klezmer, Yiddishkeit, French chansons, contemporary music, and Jazz, among many others.

As an accordionist, Ilya has taken part in many plays for Israel’s leading theaters (Habima, the Cameri Theater, the Haifa Theater and the Han Theater). Ilya has gone on many radio and TV shows, took part in the TV show “Shemesh”, and spent innumerable hours in recording studios.


Composer and Arranger

Ilya is a member of the compositors’ union, and is writing music and arrangements for all sorts of musical ensembles and individual artists, as well as theaters and films. The Israeli Office for Science and Culture awarded Ilya with a stipend for the original scores he had written for the album  “Wandering Stars” (KochavimNodedim) which came out in 2000.


Musical Producer

Ilya is the founder and musical manager of the “MagalnykKlezmer Band”. The ensemble has been performing for over 20 years, and has won much acclaim in Israel and abroad.

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